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Buying Process

Sell Your House

Are you looking to sell your home for a cash offer? We can help. Take a look at our five simple steps to selling your home for quick cash.

1. Fill out some general info about the house you want to sell. (Or, give us a call at: 708-231-0100)

2. We will contact you to set up a convenient time to see the property.

3. After doing a quick walk through of the property, we'll get you a cash offer within 24-48 hours.

4. We close on the sale

5. You receive cash for your house.

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Hi, my name is Kirby Atwell, and over the past 10 years we have bought, rehabbed, rented, and sold over 100 properties. We specialize in creating win-win scenarios and purchasing difficult properties to sell. Whether your property needs work, or you just want to sell quickly, we can get you a cash offer right away while making the whole process smooth and easy.

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